It doesn't matter who we are... what matters is our plan. Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

Sourcestream was founded in January 2010 in Mainz, Germany, after a four-year business creative partnership between its two founders culminated in a legal entity. Since then, the company has concentrated on developing custom solutions based on WEB technologies for small and medium sized companies from around the world. Challenging queries are the most coveted projects for sourcestream inspiring innovative results for unique customer needs and excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Darin Kolev
    CEO / Full Stack Developer
  • Elvina Kulinicenko
    Management Assistant
  • Konstantin Kulinicenko
    Frontend Engineer
  • Aleksandr Saraikin
    Backend Engineer / Solutions Architect


The people at sourcestream pride themselves on their superb technological skills, rich problem-solving experiences and creative algorithm development capabilities. The team is adept in developing WEB technology solutions based on:

  • Responsive frameworks: Zurb Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, Material UI
  • JavaScript: Vue.js, React, AngularJS, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, Enyo, mojo, jQuery
  • TaskRunner: Grunt, Gulp
  • CSS: SASS, Less, Compass
  • Testing Frameworks: Siesta, Jasmine, Selenium, Chai, Enzyme
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform and/or cross-device compatibility: PhoneGap, Electron
  • Web analytics and SEO techniques
  • PHP5: Agavi, Zend, Laravel, Phalcon
  • Node: Sails.js, Express.js
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Migration of production systems to AWS
  • Development of infrastructure in AWS
  • AWS cost optimization
  • Autoscaling systems design
  • TV advertisement ready solutions
  • Zero downtime deployments


In the software world, there is no one perfect solution to every organizations needs. Embracing this fact, sourcestream denies "out-of-the box" programs and strives for unique solutions corresponding to the full scope of the clients' specifics. Developing software functionalities to match each client's work process and goals is what sourcestream considers a job well done.


Sourcestream regards working with the client the most crucial aspect of the project. Evaluation of each need and ambition is done together with the client; the following software suggestions are based on a careful analysis of the final goals the client has as well as the implementation sourcestream's unique solution. The personable approach keeps the client involved and adequately consulted every step of the way.


Sourcestream is a crucial partner both for organizations that cannot fit in the existing software packages, as well as those which need innovation, persistence and audacity to make dream software products reality. A myriad of completed projects can attest to sourcestream's creative approach to apprehensive projects.


  • To bring web-based tailor-made software solutions to SMEs.
  • To develop the perfect-fit web solution for organizations with unique needs.
  • To create the perfect-fit software solution for any problem.
  • To create unseen software solutions.
  • To provide tailored online desktop solutions.
  • To meet organizations software challenges with unique fitted online desktop solutions.


  • Building up an inspiring secure environment for software engineers to let their imaginations roam free producing innovative software ideas.
  • Providing software functionalities for clients specifics that no other software product or service can compete with.
  • Strengthening sourcestream's position as a leader in software developments based on client's needs.